Health GIS by South, Central and West Commissioning Support

We provide a GIS and mapping service to Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS England Area Teams, GP Practices, Public Health, Community Health and Acute Hospital Trusts.

As well as the founder CCGs area of over 1,700 sq miles with a population of 1.5m, South, Central and West Commissioning Support (SCWCS) provides its GIS service to many additional organisations under Service Level Agreements or on an ad-hoc basis.

The Ordnance Survey Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) means that HealthGIS is now able to access digital map data and therefore provide services across the whole of England and Wales.

You maybe more familiar with it than you realise. GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems most of us encounter GIS everyday without realising it. Here are some of the more well known GIS:

  • Google Maps (and other websites like Bing Maps)
  • In-car satellite navigation systems such as TomTom
  • London congestion charging scheme
  • Weather maps on television and the internet

The advantages and benefits the SWCS HealthGIS service provides are:

  • Existing staff have many years of experience and knowledge of GIS software, data and NHS data
  • Detailed knowledge of primary care data and its potential added value when combined within GIS
  • SQL Server database development and management expertise to support the needs of the GIS system
  • Website publishing and development expertise
  • Software and application development expertise
  • GIS team management and development expertise
  • Knowledge and experience of NHS organisations requirements and working practices
  • Very good relationships with software, mapping data, and NHS data supplier organisations
  • Innovative delivery and workflow processes, including batch cartography and intranet mapping
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HealthGIS is part of South, Central and West Commissioning Support